The Contry Hotel

Castles & Mountains in Transylvania and Beyond

Day 1

In the morning your Tour Guide will come to pick you up from Harman (Honigberg) at The Country Hotel.

Drive south along Prahova Valley to Sinaia, a beautiful mountain resort, also known as the “Pearl of the Carpathians”. Here we will visit Romania’s most exquisite castle - Peles Castle, a royal palace built as a summer residence for the first king of Romania, Carol I. Perched upon a rolling green hill and set against the stark beauty of the Carpathian Mountains, this magnificent castle appears to be extracted directly from a Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale.

The castle was built in 1875 in a German Renaissance style. Each room was furnishes to reflect a different European country. The edifice is surrounded by a terraced garden.The terraces of the castle, conceived in the late Italian Renaissance style are decorated with statues, vessels, columns and fountains.


After visiting the castle we continue our journey to Rasnov to climb up the steps that leads you to the dramatic 13th century hilltop fortress, built by the local population against Tartar and Turkish invasions.


Head to Brasov town.

Afternoon visit of the old town of Brasov ( Kronstadt) at the foothills of Mount Tampa. Brasov is one of the seven cities founded by the Saxons in Transylvania in the 12th century when they were invited to Transylvania to guard the mountain passes. You can have a stroll through the medieval streets of Brasov, visit the Black Church, Europe’s most eastern Gothic church, visit its famous Council Square where the legend said that when the Pied Piper enticed the children from Hameln in Germany, they vanished underground and emerged in Transylvania near the Council Square.


Return to Harman (Honigberg) for overnight accommodation at The Country Hotel.