The Contry Hotel

Castles & Mountains in Transylvania and Beyond

Day 3

We continue our way traveling through traditional Saxon villages, with large fortified churches, to Sighisoara, one of the best preserved medieval citadels in Europe.The medieval citadel is perched on a hillock and is fortified with a 14th century wall. Here you will have probably the only opportunity in Europe to walk the streets of a genuine medieval town.

Things to see:

  • the Clock Tower – inside the tower there is a History Museum which has a good collection of WWI –era photographs, a scale model of the town and a superb view of Sighisoara from the walkway on top of the tower;
  • the house where Vlad the Impaler (alias Dracula) was born – now being put to use as a restaurant . We will enjoy a lunch in the restaurant
  • Church on the Hill – Sighisoara’s most important monument, a gothic Lutheran church dating from the 14th century presently restored with the help of the city of Munich

Late afternoon drive west to visit the impressive Saxon fortified church at Biertan which is perched on a hill . Biertan is considered to be among the most fantastic of the Saxon heritage in Transylvania. The fortified church is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The eastern bastion of the church was not only for defense but it used to be also a prison for the men or women who wanted to divorce. They were kept there only with bread and water till they will change their mind about divorcing. It is said that in 300 years only one divorce was recorded.

Dinner in the beautiful mediaeval style restaurant Unglerus at the foot of the fortified church. The inside decorations and the atmosphere turn you back in the mediaeval times.

If time allows, in the evening you can rent bikes in the village and go exploring the surrounding villages.


Return to Harman (Honigberg) for overnight accommodation at The Country Hotel.